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16 Dic What information does a Compliance Department need? PART 2: What reputation means?

What information does a Compliance Department need? PART 2: What reputation meansHAT IS THE REPUTATION?

But what is reputation? The company’s reputation is based on several pillars, that may be linked to the seriousness when it comes to pay, to the relationship with their employees, their suppliers, their customers and potential customers, or even with those with whom they will never be linked. The whole system in which the company develops sets up an image of her, the image is reputation.

With a customer friend, manager of an SME in Alicante, more than 15 years ago, a curious thing happened that has helped me as an example to illustrate this concept. I was interested in hiring business information online, so trying the service I told him to call for the report of the company he wanted, any that interested him, and he replied: «I report my own business!» After detailed and carefully browsing the online business report of his own company, he said at once: «This is wrong! It says here that it has been three years without an annual account; I sign them every year and have an agency that is responsible for presenting them in the commercial register». After clarifying with the agency, it turned out that, as a result of poor professionalism, they had not reported, for three consecutive years, the required financial statements of his client. Had he not requested the report of his own company he would not have realized the mistake that had had an impact on its reputation, since according to the commercial register the company had not submitted its annual accounts, therefore at any time it would have been classified as putting the closing registration sheet in a situation that could negatively affect trade relations.

The information has a relevance that must be monitored and consulted regularly since, as we saw in a previous article, information can expire. If a story or negative references are published about the company, the first who must know about their publication is the interested company, so take the necessary steps to adapt strategies and decisions. What if the negative news is about a manager accused of corruption? Or mention a forum for employees, through its committee, discussing data on possible layoffs, salary management and strategy changes. Although there is interesting information on the network that can be monitored automatically, convenient and free, we -receive notice by email every time a change occurs in this information (Google alerts,WhatthatpageEtc.) – It is also possible to obtain information on online reputation automatically through any of the commercial information providers that exist in Spain (Reports, Axesor, Online reports or Iberinform), As they have surveillance services, surveillance and alerts.

However, there is other information, more difficult to obtain, relating to unforeseen and sudden changes, which we must obtain in a timely manner, establishing specific periods of time according to our needs, for example, queries to databases delinquency (Industrial Asnef, Registration unpaid acceptances, etc.).

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